Frames / Fabrics


1. Prints

Our cards are printed on industry-standard, 80-100 pound white matte card stock and are designed to be laminated or framed prior to first use. The inks adhere well and produce crisp, clear text and vibrant colors. Most of our printing is done by ReproGraphix in Indianapolis, Indiana; a fine group of experts to work with. For rush orders, we sometimes, but rarely, have to substitute with slightly thinner cards and lamination than described here.

One set of altar cards is printed on two 12 x 18 inch sheets of card stock. This is our standard size. The center card is printed on one sheet and the two side cards are on a separate sheet together. We usually don't cut out the side cards for shipment because it is best to wait until they are professionally framed or laminated.

2. Lamination

When getting something laminated, the public usually has two choices: 3mm or 5mm. Ten millimeter is the thickest available but is generally offered only in high-end printing facilities. ReproGraphix professionally laminates most of our cards with 10mm laminate for maximum durability.

3. Framing

Our frames are high quality ornate wood mouldings that add about an inch per side to the dimensions. For example, a 12 x 18 inch center altar card, when framed, would measure roughly 14 x 20 inches. Instead of regular glass, acrylic glass is chosen. Acrylic glass is lighter and clearer than glass and less prone to damage. Archival quality foam core holds the print firmly in place. Lastly, for a formal presentation on the altar, we fasten fabric-covered backs on them. The material is gold or black moire which is similar to satin. For your set, the gold will be similar to the "Bramble" or "Wheat" examples pictured here. Black moire has the same pattern grain and style. An introductory acrylic glass maintenance kit is included with each framed set. Only the finest materials are used in the framing process to ensure that your framed altar cards will last a very, very long time.

4. Measurements

Standard size altar card prints are 12 inches high. Center cards measure 18 inches wide. Side cards measure 8 inches wide.

Travel size laminated altar cards are approx. 10 inches high. The center cards measure roughly 15 inches wide while the side cards measure about six inches wide.

Sacristy and Companion cards are letter size except where noted in their product descriptions. Letter size is 8.5 x 11 inches. If a customer orders a letter size card to be framed, we will adjust its dimensions to 8 x 10 inches so that it will fit into a standard frame.

Contact us if you have any questions.