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1. "Vintage Diamond Low" Travel Size

"Vintage Diamond" features easy to read type, beautiful artwork, and all of the prayers strategically typeset for easy readability while saying Mass. Designed to fit in a briefcase perfectly. Measurements: 10 x 15.25 inch center card; 10 x 6 inch side cards. Laminated.

Travel Size


2. "Silver Black Requiem" Travel Size

"Silver Black" centers on Mantegna's Renaissance painting, "The Crucifixion." Despite its small size, the type is completely readable. "Silver Black" Requiem measures only 10 inches high and will fit in most briefcases since the center card measures only 15.25 inches wide. Laminated.

Travel Size


LATIN TRAVEL SIZE ALTAR CARDS "Vintage Diamond Low" Travel Size "Silver Black Requiem" Travel Size