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1. "Shield" High Mass Altar Cards

By request, we designed this beautiful set of altar cards for the Carmelite High Mass. The prayers have been carefully typeset in a practical, easy to follow style. The image at center bottom is the "Shield of Carmel of Ancient Observance." The Last Gospel card has an image of "Our Lady of Mount Carmel." This set of altar cards is very easy read with large 14 point type on the center card and even larger, 16 point type on the side cards. Center card measures 12 x 18 inches. Side cards measure 12 x 8 inches. Designed to be laminated or framed prior to first use. Our framed altar cards include attractive fabric covered backs and an acrylic glass maintenance kit.

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2. Celebrant's Card

By request, we have designed a nice two-sided Celebrant's card for the Carmelite Mass. The "Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar" are on the front and the "Marian Antiphon" is on the back. Includes diacritical marks to assure proper pronunciation. This card has been typeset in an easy to read font with large 14 point type and border art that matches our "Shield" Carmelite Rite High Mass Altar Cards.

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CARMELITE RITE LATIN MASS CARDS "Shield" High Mass Altar Cards Celebrant's Card